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One of the most important aspects of any organization is its leadership. We are proud of the key leaders now overseeing the work of IC-OS. For more information , go here.
International Executive Committee
Global Cardio-Oncology Summit (GCOS) Committee
Scientific & Research Committee
Education & Training Committee
Advocacy Committee
2019 was a year of tremendous growth for IC-OS as we increased our membership more than five times including new members from more than 20 countries around the world.


25 PubMed recognized articles by members of our Board of Directors alone with dozens of others by members of our committees

White paper on “Cardio-Oncology in the Covid19 Era” (forthcoming)

Consensus document on “Screening protocols after therapeutic radiation for cancer therapy” (forthcoming).

Weekly Educational Webinars
2019 24hours = 402 participant hours
2020 20 hours = 1,047 participant hours through June
Global Cardio-Oncology
Global Cardio-Oncology Summit 2019: Sao Paulo, Brazit, over 550 participants
First ever Certification in Cardio-Oncology Exam: 38 individuals successfully completed
Exam Review Book
Certification Exam Review Book- Forthcoming Fall 2020
Virtual Cardio-Oncology Summit – October 1, 2020

12 ICOS Achievements

International Chapters

Chapter Agreements established with 16 countries including: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Great Britain, Israel, Poland, Spain, Turkey, S.Africa, Nordic Countries, Costa Rica, Ukraine, Mexico, Iraq and Singapore.