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frequently asked questions

Getting Started

  • Who can write the Program Administrator Letter of Recommendation?

    Any program leader or hospital administrator (other than the ICOS member endorsement), such as the Chief of Cardiology, Chief of Oncology, or President of Hospital can provide a letter of endorsement.

  • Does both the cardiologist and oncologist need to be active members of IC-OS?


  • Does the IC-OS letter of recommendation need to come from someone outside your own institution?


  • If we have multiple sites that are associated with our cardio-oncology program, can we submit one application?

    yes, central hub can apply and can include committees, publications, etc from affiliated sites

  • If we don't achieve GOLD designation, when can we reapply?

    yes, you can reapply in the next year with no additional fee

  • How long does the COE designation last?

    you must re-apply in 3 years with repeat application fee, but abbreviated/updated application

  • What are the different ways to pay the application fee?

    You can pay by Paypal, credit card or check

  • Is there a media tool kit to be used for promotion/advertising of the award?

    one is being created and should be available for cycle two of applications