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The purpose of this directory is to establish a global registry of cardio-oncology programs from around the world in order to allow patients, clinicians and researchers to identify centers that have the will and the focus to create fully collaborative and integrated Cardio-Oncology (C-O) care.
By registering your program, you are agreeing to allow IC-OS to share this information with patients, providers, or researchers who are seeking Cardio-Oncology care, active collaboration or multicenter research. We will not share or sell this information to any third-party solicitors. We will notify you whenever your information is shared with others in our network.

To register your program, please provide the following information:

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Other Information

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Do you have any training program in C-O at your institution?:
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Have you become a member of IC-OS?:
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Did you take the IC-OS Certifying exam or did anyone at your practice?:
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What hematology/oncology or other subspecialties are regularly engaged with the C-O team (list the top 5)?:
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