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Monthly Webinar

Webinars held every second Thursday of the month 9:00 AM Eastern Standard Time
(8:00AM CST St. Louis – 3:00PM Poland – 11:00PM Australia)

Welcome to the official page for monthly webinar meetings with International Cardio-Oncology Society. Here members review cases related to the cardio-oncology specialty. Members participate from around the world. You must be a member of the International Cardio-Oncology society to participate in and/or view past webinars.

November 2020: Lung cancer patient with pembrolizumab

October 2020 ICOS Monthly Case Study Webinar

September 2020 ICOS Monthly Case Study Webinar

August 2020 : A case of acute and rapidly progressive RV failure

July 2020 Carcinoid Heart Disease secondary to Neuroendocrine Tumors (NET)

June 2020: Capecitabine-induced Hypertriglyceridemia: Case Report and Topic Review.

May 2020 -“The Promise and Pitfalls of Continuing Trastuzumab in the Presence of Cardiotoxicity”

April 2020 Case Review: “Is Oral Chemotherapy Really Safer than IV Chemotherapy? An Osemertinib Cardiotoxicity Case”

Dr. Geeta Gulati, Department of Cardio Oncology, Oslo University Hospital, Ullevaal, Norway “The difficulty of troponin elevation during treatment with check point inhibitors

February 2020 : Special Cardio-Oncology Considerations in Patients with Genetic Syndromes

January 2020 : Treating the Treatment: Multi-Organ Toxicities of Fluoropyrimidines and Platinum-based Combination Therapies

December 2019 : The Usefulness of Exercise in Cardio Oncology

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