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OnCOReview is the Official Journal of East European Branch of International CardiOncology Society.

International Editorial Board is honored by the Investigators from the USA and Central/ Eastern Europe, who manage all serious adverse events related to cancer therapy including cardiovascular complications.

It is a challenge for modern medicine to diagnose and treat the cancer diseases. This results from many relevant facts. First of all, cancer and cardiovascular diseases are the main causes of morbidity and mortality in the world. Secondly, malignancies significantly diminish quality of life in an individual patient and in his family and all community. Thirdly, oncologists and hematologists have been performing many essential clinical trials and preparing more recent diagnostic and therapeutic guidelines. Fourthly, there are many questions without answers in oncology, and many clinical problems require further observation and discussion.

OnCOReview is the peer-reviewed scientific multidisciplinary journal publishing original papers, interim preliminary analyses, case series describing new symptoms and their prognosis, problematic case reports, review articles covering recent developments as well as experts’ opinions  and comments regarding early results of important  experimental research or clinical studies.

OnCOReview is the international journal for reviews and discussions of all clinical problems in cancer patients. Primarily the journal was addressed to oncologists, hematologists, endocrinologists, surgeons and internists, but quickly became interesting for other specialties through publications regarding all adverse events related to anticancer treatment. The objective evaluation of benefits and risks associated with new oncological drugs is the unique advantage of the published manuscripts. The special scope of journal’s scientific activity is cardio-oncology.

OnCOReview wants to realize the  scientific and didactic mission with active participation of Young Investigators.

OnCOReview invites authors to present preliminary experiences in the special types of articles:

Original reports & Case series: benefit & risk of anticancer therapy

Teaching with case studies: cardio-oncology

Teaching with case studies: internal medicine & oncology

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