Board Certification

ICOS President Dr. Daniel Lenihan

IC-OS Cardio-Oncology Knowledge Certification Exam

The aim of the IC-OS certification testing process is to establish an advanced level of commitment, education and clinical experience in cardio-oncology that is common among IC-OS certified clinicians. This should provide patients and clinicians assurance that patients seeing IC-OS Certified cardio-oncologists are receiving care from physicians who have attained a superior state of the art level of knowledge and clinical experience in cardio-oncology and have committed to maintaining that level of competence.

Requirements for IC-OS Board Certification Exam

Goal of Certifying exam: Assure physician peers and patients that the holder of IC-OS Cardio-Oncology Board Certification certificate has demonstrated sustained interest in cardio-oncology, gained meaningful experience in clinical decision making supported by faculty or mentors with established expertise in cardio-oncology and has had intense didactic training in basic principles and state of the art knowledge of cardio-oncology.

All descriptions of your background and experience must be provided in English.

1. Clinical training/experience Either:

A. Dedicated one-year cardio-oncology fellowship. Letter from cardio-oncology program director is required that should provide an overview of the candidate’s clinical experience, didactic training, experience in cardio-oncology presentations to lay public or peers and research experience. It is suggested that trainees in or starting fellowships advise their program director of the IC-OS requirement for board certification well in advance of a request for the program director letter.

B. Three years of clinical experience and structured educational cardio-oncology programs involving.

  • a: Independent decision making in patient management with experienced cardio-oncology mentor. This should include an adequate volume of patients (1-2 patients a week with 100 New Patient evaluations minimum.
  • b: Research is desirable but clinical decision making and longitudinal care are mandatory.
  • c: Non-Fellowship trained applicants must have had structured educational programs extending over three years which may include CME courses, webinars, conferences, residency programs, or other forms of education.

2.  All candidates should be able to discuss their establishment and maintenance of collaborative relationships with oncologists: Prospective test takers should have a defined working relationship across disciplines.

3. Brief letters of recommendation (MUST BE ON INSTITUTIONAL LETTERHEAD): Each applicant should supply at least one letter from a cardiologist and one from a collaborating oncologist. Fellowship trained applicants must submit a letter from their cardio-oncology program director.

4.  Please provide a brief list of any cardio-oncology academic contributions including, but not limited to:

  • Research Projects
  • Published manuscripts
  • Educational Resources
  • Webinars
  • CME Courses

The next exam will be offered on SATURDAY November 18, 2023. The DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS is SATURDAY November 4, 2023. The fee for the exam is $300 and you must be a member of IC-OS to register. This certification comes on behalf of the IC-OS Scientific and Education Committees.