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Taking Survival To Heart

The International CardioOncology Society, North America (ICOS) is a chapter of (ICOS) which was constituted on January 2009 by Doctor Carlo Cipolla, European Institute of Oncology, Milano, Italy, and by Doctor Daniel Lenihan, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas, USA.

Our mission as an association is to:

Promote training and study in the fields of:

  • Cardiological & Oncological Comorbidities
  • Cardiological implications of oncological treatments such as chemotherapy, medical treatments such as the use of monoclonal antibodies, thyrosine kinase inhibitors, antiangiogenetic factors and other specific drugs devoted to cancer therapy.
  • Radiotherapy
  • Immunoradiotherapy
  • locoregional chemotherapy treatments
  • High dose chemotherapy
  • Multiple and combined oncological treatments

Promote basic biology research on:

  • Mechanisms of cardiotoxicity of anticancer drugs with focus on inflammatory and metabolic pathways involved in heart damage and possible stem cells renewal abnormalities
  • Primary heart tumors
  • Metastatic heart tumors
  • Pericardial diseases and intrapericardial chemotherapy for neoplastic pericardial effusion; and more in general the relations between cancer and cardiovascular diseases

Collect, organize and coordinate the institutional activity of members in North America, using the following methods:

  • Stimulate the participation in professional activities
  • Promote scientific education activities and learning of the members, conferences, scholarships, seminars, consensus conferences, guidelines implementation and other initiatives in science and information that could contribute to the purposes indicated
  • Coordinate and integrate activities with similar groups sharing similar objectives all over the world
  • Produce and disseminate educational materials and other technical and scientific support related to the purpose specified
  • Establish cultural relations with Universities, Institutes as Agencies both public and private with similar purposes
  • Cooperate with local Health Ministries and regional health agencies and public health institutions
  • Promote initiatives to improve the quality of standards cares towards cancer patients suffering also from cardiovascular diseases and vice versa
  • Develop guidelines in collaboration with the agency of regional Health Services and local and international Medical Societies, as well as World Health Organization
  • Promote trials and specific research and relationships with other societies and scientific organisms.

The Association is a non-profit society and its duration is for an indefinite period.

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    Why does there need to be a focus on CardioOncology?

    The complexity of contemporary cancer treatment has risen dramatically and patients are surviving even longer than ever before. As a result, cardiac disease comes to the forefront of long term survivorship.

    Why donate time, energy, and money to the cause?

    True multidisciplinary approaches to medical care are always valued and have dramatic improvements in overall outcomes.

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