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Cardio Oncology concerns the intersection of cancer therapy and heart disease. Cancer therapy has greatly improved. This has resulted in millions of long term cancer survivors. A disproportionate number of them develop cardiovascular disease. The ICOS exists to help cure cancer without killing the heart. Our members work across medical disciplines and around the world to find cancer therapies that don’t damage the heart. They also monitor survivors to treat and prevent heart disease. They are working to make cancer therapy easy on the heart. Patients should not have to substitute one disease (cardiac) while curing another (cancer). We want to educate people about the risks involved with cancer therapy as well as their options after treatment. We are also seeking to develop an international community where research, education and clinical practices can be shared in order to enhance patient care.

Rachel Dara Lavine
Amyloidosis Awareness Fund

Rachel Dara Lavine

June 21, 1976 - December 9, 2021

Looking to support our initiatice earmarked to educate and build awareness about AL & ATTR Amyloidosis among doctors and patients?

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