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Annual Newsletters

Treat Cancer. Protect Hearts.

2023 End Of Year Recap

An exciting year of growth and advancement in the field of cardio-oncology.

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Treat Cancer. Protect Hearts.

2022 End Of Year Recap

The cardiooncology community stood together and continued to provide exceptional care for our patients.

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President’s Message

2021 End Of Year Recap

Continue to work with the membership to ensure the continued growth and success.

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Taking Survival to Heart

2020 End of Year Recap

This is an outstanding reference resource for anyone interested in expanding their cardio-oncology knowledge.

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Spring 2020 Newsletter

ICOS Board Exam in Cardio Oncology

The first ICOS Board exam in Cardio Oncology will be available on March 28 at the ACC conference in Chicago AND it will be available online that same day. The fee for the exam is $150 and you must be a member of ICOS to register for the exam. This certification comes on behalf of the ICOS Scientific and Education Committees. A list of exam topics will be provided in the near future.

To register go here

Patient Profile

Abby Jones Patient Profile

Abby has her hands, and her heart full. With three young children, she and her husband spend much of their time today like any other young family, running from one activity to the next, tending constantly to the needs of their children. Seven-year-old Judd is currently into golf and baseball, while the two-year-old twins Noah and Ellie, like any toddlers, keep mom and dad on high alert and exhausted.


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International News

Cuba Conference

Although Cuba is known for its rum, cigars and of course vintage cars, one of the most significant exports for its economy is its medical practitioners.

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Africa Kickoff

The first ever Cardio Oncology conference in all of Africa will be held on March 7, 2020 in Durban South Africa.

For more on the conference go here

Turkey Chapter of ICOS Established

Under the leadership of Dr. Cafer Zorkun ICOS established a chapter in Turkey this October! Dr. Zorkun established a cardio-oncology Outpatient Clinic at Trakya University, School of Medicine in Edirne, in 2016. Since that time they hosted three cardio-oncology meetings in 2017 and seven in 2018 in Edirne. All of them were recognized by the Ministry of Health and qualified for continuing medical education. Since May 2019 almost every cardiology meeting included a cardio-oncology session.
In August of 2019 Dr. Zorkun was appointed to the Istanbul Faculty of Medicine and now the second cardio oncology clinic is being organized there. Meetings have also been organized for medical students and patients along with their families. There will be a National cardio-oncology Meeting (CardioOncology Istanbul) on November 23rd, 2019 in Istanbul where Dr. Zorkun will serve as the congress director.

Cardio-Oncology Society of Southern Africa (COSOSA)

Drs. YT (Trishun) Singh

Over the summer, we are thrilled to announce, the first Cardio-Oncology Society on the continent of Africa was organized! The Cardio-Oncology Society of Southern Africa (COSOSA) was organized by Drs. YT (Trishun) Singh (picture below), Ines Buccimazza, and Ria David.

Sebastian Szmit

Leader in Poland

We recently interviewed one of the leaders of the growing Cardio-Oncology movement in Poland, Sebastian Szmit. Here he reflects on the past and the future of the discipline in Poland.