GCOS Site Selection Application Form

Timeline for Applications

  • January 31

    circulate call for applications to host GCOS

  • March 31

    Site application deadline for following year (i.e March 2020 for hosting 2021)

  • April 30

    Site selection made by GCOS Advisory Committee (announced at GOCS meeting that year)

Timeline for Host Country

  • May 15

    Local steering committee organized (including 2 members of the GCOS Advisory Committee)

  • May-June

    1st meeting of steering committee, begin outlining program

  • August-September

    2nd meeting of steering committee, first draft of program

  • October

    3rd meeting of steering committee to finalize draft of program (should be 90% complete by October 31 of year prior to event)

  • October 31

    Begin process of approaching industry sponsors with draft agenda.

  • September

    1 year before event venue BOOKED (and announced at GCOS for following year)

  • December 31

    invitations to speakers issued


GCOS Site Selection Application Form

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    what year(s) are you applying to host?